Beautiful Music for Ugly Children

My friend Kirstin Cronn-Mills has a new book on the shelves. It’s called Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, a title I love. The book is rich with music references. The main character has a show on community radio, and his cool neighbor still plays records on a turntable. It brings back memories of hanging out with my grandparents, eating orange sherbet, and listening to their favorite songs.  “Tiny Bubbles.” “Crazy.” “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden.” What a kick.

Kirstin came up with so many catchy lines for this book. They’re on stickers and bookmarks and cards. My favorite sticker is on the back of my computer. It reads, “Whatever Turns Your Turntable.”

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children is written for older teens, so you won’t find it in middle school libraries. But when you do find it, grab it. Read it. Repeat.

And check out her cool web site.

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