So I’m supposed to have an author pic …

There’s a small thumbnail photo of me in my “About Me” section of my blog. It’s the same photo I use on Facebook. It’s the same photo I used for an online dating site. If I had my way, it would be the only photo of me on Earth. I am comfortable with this photo. It’s small and black and white. I’m not smiling so big, with so much fake, that my lips have disappeared. Nor do I look like Queen Grump. There’s no double chin. My eyes are actually open.

Yesterday, my X, who’s a pretty good judge of this stuff, said, Get a new photo. 

My new fella, the guy I met through the online dating sight, has said, I really was never attracted to that photo.

And so I begin the quest for a professional author photo.

What I don’t want:

1. Serious literary artist peeking through the top of her glasses.

2. Serious literary artist leaning against a tree, arms crossed, conveying her passion for the environment.

3. Cute wedding-type pic with my hands folded under my face.

4. A trying-to-be-a-hipster photo — funky clothes, mod hair, posed in front of an old porch with the paint coming off in big flakes.

5. Serious literary artist reading Tolstoy. I’ve never read Tolstoy. My apologies to Tolstoy.

What I do want:

Nicole Helget, an amazing writer who lives down the hill from me. 

Rachael’s memoir, We’ll be the Last Ones to Let You Down, arrives this spring. She’s naturally hip and cool. We’ve worked together off and on for 20 years.

Amanda Dyslin is a reporter/blogger for the Free Press. I love this quirky photo. She’s a helluva writer, too.

Singer-songwriter and writer-writer Ann Rosenquist Fee never takes a bad photo. The handsome dude is my X and the other half of their band, The Frye.

Sally Rutledge-Ott is my soon-to-be sister in law. She’s a social marketing guru and one hot chick. Somehow I made this picture blurry. Too bad because Sally’s really sharp.

1 thought on “So I’m supposed to have an author pic …

  1. shelleytougas1 Post author

    I do not know why there’s so much space between these photos. All I know is it took like two hours to get the photos plugged into the space. So I’m done. Some designers call this “white space,” and it’s very desirable. In my case, it would be “light orange space,” but whatever.


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