Dear Google

Dear Google,

Please find me here. Right here, on WordPress.

You are the king of search engines but, with all due respect, I haven’t served on the Parents United Board since 2009. (It’s a wonderful group that empowers citizens to be advocates for Minnesota students. Check them out here.)

I haven’t worked for the Minnesota School Boards Association since 2008. (Another great organization – here.) My gig pitching the media for Education Minnesota lasted nine months. Nine months! That shouldn’t even register on your big search engine radar.

I haven’t been on Twitter in years, either, so I’m not sure why my tweet “Going to the play festival!” shows up in your search lists before my blog. So does another ridiculous tweet, “Just got paid. Cub, here I come.” See why I quit tweeting?

And yes, I’m an alum from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. A lovely campus in a lovely town. But so what?

You found my ex-husband before this page. And my ex-husband’s first wife. You’re good. You’re very, very good.

Then I gave up. I was tired, and the new episode of “Big Bang Theory” was rolling.

But fair is fair. I owe you a big thanks, dear Google, for flagging my books. Writing is my job, after all. I feel so proud when I see the titles online, except for the ones selling on ebay for nine cents.

Just think about it. That’s all I’m saying.

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