Fiction? Publication? It happens!

My friend and critique partner Kirstin Cronn-Mills is racking up some great awards for her YA novel Beautiful Music for Ugly Children. It was a Top Ten pick for the 2013 Rainbow List, which is from ALA.  It’s also on the list for the 2013 Best Fiction for Young Adults, also from ALA. Check out her web site’s page about her novel, here.

She’s getting some press, too. The book was featured in The Advocate, which is one of the biggest LGBT websites out there. Read the story here. And check out Kirstin’s cool purple hair.

Kirstin has this long-term problem with people misspelling her name. It looks so much like the most Kristin. To keep it complicated, another member of our writing group, of course, is Kristin.

All the lists I noted above spelled Kirstin as Kristin.

Not that I’m pointing fingers. At her release party for the book, our critique group got her a gift. We also framed a record with an old-fashioned label with her name and the book title. The book’s character, Liz/Gabe, has a community radio show. Gabe is friends with a once-famous DJ with stacks of records.

So the gift made sense. I was in charge of the label. Here’s how it looked. Yes, I misspelled her name, a woman who’s been my friend for nine years. Sigh.


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