Will Project It forgive me?

Project It continued …

Writing is a fairly lonely business unless you invite people in to watch you do it, which is often distracting and then [you] have to ask them to leave.

–Marc Lawrence

Perhaps that’s why writers have relationships with our books. We’re lonely.

The pout. Books-in-progress pout. Yes, I’m aware this is not a book. Just the pout.

In the last episode about It, our romantic love had disappeared. I had a fling with another project, but that’s over now.

It is throwing guilt right and left and center. It won’t come back to me. I stare into my laptop and talk to It. C’mon. That other project meant nothing to me.

It pouts. Finally, It says, maybe there’s a chance. But first, you must do these things:

  • Read me out loud.
  • Send me on a trip to your writing group. I will flirt with them so you know how I feel.
  • Spend an afternoon making notes. Jot down what you liked about when we met.
  • Tell your agent this isn’t my fault – YOU are the one who made excuses.
  • Then focus on me and me alone.

Okay, okay.

See? The book is in charge of the writer.

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