The brochure: it’s a bear

If you want to write for kids, and you if want to do school and library visits, you need a brochure. I started mine last weekend. How hard could it be? Name, author pic, books, contact info. I’d finish it and watch the Oscars and still get laundry done. But …

Marketing is a bear, but I am the Bear Whisperer!

Marketing is a bear, but I am the Bear Whisperer!





In my old PR job, when money was tight, I’d design brochures myself instead of using a freelancer. They weren’t art, but they served the purpose.

Marketing yourself is different. It’s not my style – look at me me me me me me! – and it’s not Midwestern. Writers complain about this all the time. Why can’t I just write? I don’t have time to market my book. Isn’t that what the publisher should be doing?

Fact is, marketing has become a key duty for writers. Editors don’t have time. Publishers are careful with slim marketing budgets. If you write full time, like me, it’s manageable, although it still reeks of me me me me me me. I have writer friends who teach, who manage divisions, who juggle very busy lives. Marketing chips away at their precious writing time. The gripe is real, but it doesn’t change reality.

Clever marketing + a great book + luck = sales

A great book – clever marketing – luck = a gamble

Today I will finish the brochure. It won’t be art (or clever marketing), but it’ll serve the purpose. I hope. I’ll post a PDF in upcoming days.

2 thoughts on “The brochure: it’s a bear

  1. Nancy Kracke

    If you’d like a second pair of eyes on the new brochure, send a copy to me. I’ll happily review…at no cost, of course.


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