Tweet this: less is more and more is better

After hours of pondering tweet options, this is all I got: I have a blue lamp.

After hours of pondering tweet options, this is all I got: I have a blue lamp.

The Twitter research continues.

Leo Widrich, an interesting guy who blogs here, is a Twitter expert because he uses words like metrics and Twittercounter and retweeting. And he knows his subject.

In this particular post, Leo writes about a man’s goal to double his Twitter audience. Widrich has some ideas, and you can hit the blog to read them.

I call special attention to one point. Widrich says the solution, obviously, is to tweet more. But he advises people to spend no more than one hour a day tweeting. Instead of spending hours a day on Twitter, he says, just be more focused and strategic. Limit  yourself one hour to write tweets, I guess, because most people have other things to do, like read tweets.

Then he said some other things.

But whatever. One hour a day instead of hours a day.

Wow. My strategy had been to block out the whole morning. I’d tweet the best sales from grocery store ads to my 35 followers. This would endear me to them, I thought, and they would cast my tweets into cyberspace. Then my audience would grow and so would my book sales. I’d have my very own metric!

I’m lucky Leo saved me from acting like a tweet-geek with obsessive attempts to build an audience. I’m sticking with Leo and the cool kids and their one-hour rule. Nobody’s gonna be calling me a social media twitwit. Or nitwit, if you’re old school.

Man, I hope nobody retweets that.


2 thoughts on “Tweet this: less is more and more is better

  1. Jann

    You crack me up! Love your blog. I’m not a tweeter or following any tweeters so no help there, but I’m glad you only have to waste, um, I mean spend, yeah spend, one hour tweeting each day…ha. Miss you!


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