Cat hats, yellow hats and bonnets

George the Curious

George the Curious

It’s “Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character Day” at the local elementary school. You can’t find Halloween costumes in the stores. Required: imagination and planning. (For parents who first learned about the event last night, you have my sympathy.)

As for the favorite characters, my money’s on …

  • Lots of Cats in the Hats.
  • Captain Underpants. Or, in the case of school dress policies, Captain Long Johns.
  • Arthur and his rodent friends/family
  • Curious George and maybe a yellow hat or two. (The man with the yellow hat does have a name. It’s Ted. Consider yourself ready for Friday night Trivia. You’re welcome.)
  • Madeline
  • Peter Pan
  • An assortment of princesses, mostly Rapunzel. What girl doesn’t want hair that serves as a magical healer and an elevator?
  • Sorry Junie B., Judy M. and Ramona Q., but you look like regular kids. No goofy hats. No fur. No ball gowns. You might be fun to read, but you’re no fun to wear.
  • Two hundred or so Harry Potter characters, including my daughter’s “Hermione.” My little witch will be carrying a Hermione wand direct from Hogwarts’ Florida campus. She’ll be wearing my black robe, although she hasn’t yet discovered the teddy bear embroidered on the shoulder.  When she sees it, she’ll protest the robe’s authenticity, and I’ll be telling her if she’s going for authentic, just give that wand a try!

If I could celebrate “Dress Like Your Favorite Character Day,” I’d be Laura Ingalls. I’d leave my little house on the prairie wearing a calico dress and bonnet. I’d do math problems on a slate, ask permission to use the outhouse, and bring salt pork for the classroom snack.

Enchant that, Hermione.

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