Friday soup

Some miscellaneous stuff for the weekend:

  • I stumbled upon a great blog last night: Moody Writing.  Lots of great writing tips in concise posts. Check it out.
  • A tweet from a favorite writer during my teen years, Judy Blume. (Yes, I got it from the celebrity tweet book.) When very young I thought Mrs. Lincoln and my mother were in the hospital together, giving birth to Abe and me. Now that’s adorable.
  • Writing tip from Kurt Vonnegut: Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water.
  • My best writing advice: Get up, check email, do your social networking, unplug router.
  • A great website: Baby Names. If you’re starting new work – or feel a character’s name isn’t working – have fun searching through lists of names. You can search through popular baby names, unique names, popular names from other decades, and more.

Enjoy your weekend!

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