Co-workers for rent

“Writing is utter solitude, the descent into the cold abyss of oneself.”

Sooooo lonely ...

Sooooo lonely …

Franz Kafka

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Jack Nicholson as crazy writer Jack Torrence

There’s a backlash in the home office world. Telecommuters fought long and hard for benefits of a home office. Now they’re lurking in the “cold abyss” and fighting the urge to go Stephen King on Shelley Duvall.

We’re lonely.

But not anymore! Last night, whiIe blog surfing, I read tips from a telecommuter on replacing the office socializing we miss.

Here’s the big tip, and it’s worth a drum roll.

Drum roll … if you’re experiencing loneliness in your home office, consider renting an office with other telecommuters.

No need to read that sentence again. You got it the first time. Consider renting an office with other telecommuters.

Then telecommuters can be lonely together. They can share staples and try to unjam the copy machine. Chat about last night’s “Colbert Report.” Gossip about Jane, who works here, at Lonely Telecommuters Inc., instead of working from home where she works for her company instead of working in her company’s building.

Wow. An idea so stupid it’s almost brilliant. (This tip wasn’t exclusively for people who work hundreds of miles from the office. Just home office folks in general.)

Are we that lonely? Then tear up the home office deduction and go back to the office.

As for me, I’m staying in my pajamas until noon.


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