Hudson’s Chapter2 Books: One, Two, Ten

Brian, meet Little Rock Girl. Little Rock Girl, meet Brian.

Brian, meet Little Rock Girl. Little Rock Girl, meet Brian.

I recently brought copies of Little Rock Girl to my local indie bookstore. I met Brian, the owner, and we talked about doing a reading or presentation in the store.

First, the store. Chapter2 Books in Hudson. It’s my family’s favorite place. My daughter thinks she’s savvy because she can visit the store, read a chapter of the same book each time she’s there, and then she doesn’t have to buy the book!

I asked her, how would you like it if nobody bought my books? You wouldn’t get an allowance. (Or food, but no reason to scare the kid, right?) And if people don’t buy books from Brian’s store, his kid doesn’t get an allowance either!

She said, Oh. Okay. Then how about I read the first chapter to see if I like it and if I do, you buy the book.


Check out the Chapter2’s web site. It lists book club events, author visits, and other fun stuff. I love the book chains, too, but there’s nothing like hanging out in an indie bookstore. It’s like chatting with friends at the coolest place in town while inhaling the scent of books. Nirvana.

Second, I’m finally trying that press-the-flesh meet-and-greet marketing with Little Rock Girl.

My career in public relations was based on promoting other people and policy positions, not me. Marketing yourself is an uncomfortable experience for Midwesterners. We’re raised to aww, shucks our accomplishments and then chalk it up to luck and never speak of it again, lest we be the worst thing a small town girl can be: a bragger.

Thankfully, my friend Mike came along, made introductions, and said nice things about my book. All I had to do was smile and shake hands. Let’s just say the next coffee round with Mike is on me. (Hey, you can find Mike’s books on his web site here. He’s the author of Haunted Heartland, Haunted America and more.)

So, Step1 at Chapter2 was a Rating10.


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