Sunshine on my shoulders

Two days of sun (in a row!) have turned my neighborhood and family into a group of shiny happy people.

I’m happy Harry Potter has replaced my daughter’s obsession with princesses. Instead of waiting for her prince, she is now joining the hunt to stop Voldemort.

I’m happy I bought Catcher in the Rye at Chapter2 Books. I met Holden so long ago. It’s time we got reacquainted.

I’m happy to have ended a two-year search. I found Poisonwood Bible in the basement. (Thanks for lending it to me, Kathy. Sorry about the dust.)

I’m happy my job has convinced my daughter writing is fun. She has a folder on my desktop for her stories, Harry Potter trivia, and fart jokes.

I’m happy my three books with Savvy are about to enter the world. Girls Rock, Girls Rule and Girls Reel.

I’m happy people care enough about Great Gatsby to complain (quite emphatically) about the remake being filmed in 3D.

I’m happy my stepdaughter is getting puppies. Now I can buy newspaper-shaped squeaky toys called The Daily Growl.

Hope this day finds you happy, too!


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