Mishmash and hodgepodge

I’m blog surfing this morning, and the book world is full of news. Just follow the links.

Minnesota YA author Pete Hautman reveals his lurid past … as a mystery writer! The man can do anything. Check out his post, which includes an excerpt.

Nicole Helget answers questions about her soon-to-be-published novel Stillwater, including a

Nicole Helget

Nicole Helget

one-sentence synopsis in which she makes great use of the comma. “A pair of newborn twins is abandoned and then separated in the logging town of Stillwater, and as they grow, various mothers, of good and evil ilk, raise them as the country, too, grows in ways good and evil, pitting industrial ingenuity and personal ambition against mother nature and inherent human freedom.”

And OhMyGod my favorite YA novel, The Spectacular Now, has been made into a movie that’s making rounds at film festivals. Run to a store and buy the book by Tim Tharp before you see the movie, because it’s always better that way, right?

Back to Hogwarts we go.

Back to Hogwarts we go.

My Muggle family doesn’t know this yet, but we’re going back to Florida. The Harry Potter section of Universal’s theme park is being expanded. Sadly, it’s taking the space that once belonged to the Jaws movie. But hey, life goes on and sharks are so out.

Finally, scandal! NPR reveals Mary Ingalls didn’t go blind from scarlet fever. She most likely had meningitis. The publisher changed the illness to make it more understandable to kids. Because as any parent knows, a child reading the book would toss it across the room and shout, “Don’t these people know anything?! It’s obvious Mary does not have scarlet fever. Clearly, it’s a case of meningitis! Mom, this ‘memoir,'” the kid makes little air quotes, “has more lies than A Million Little Pieces.”

And that’s today’s round up. I’m off to price Florida airfare.

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