A writing career

Ten random things about a writing career:

  1. There are deadlines for your projects but no deadlines for the payments.
  2. Improper laptop use causes back problems and severe headaches.
  3. There are goodies in the pantry. All kinds of goodies, available 24/7.
  4. The more time you have to write, the slower the writing.
  5. When not in school, your child constantly asks questions like, “What happens if a ship overturns and you get in a lifeboat and then the lifeboat overturns?” Can you really say, “Then you drown, honey.”
  6. People think you write because writing comes easy to you. It does not.
  7. When you blog, you find you’re almost always writing in second person. Why?
  8. You feel guilty when you write only 500 words. This blog post is already more than 100 words.
  9. All the writers you know are mentors. They all have something to teach you.
  10. Some of your best draft readers aren’t writers, especially in kids lit. If my daughter doesn’t laugh, my audience won’t laugh.

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