Retreat and attack

Need a shot of inspiration for your writing? Plan a writing retreat. My laptop and I spent six hours yesterday working with a small group of writers. Kirstin Cronn-Mills, author of Beautiful Music for Ugly Children, provided her beautiful screened porch. We contributed to a table of goodies. (Thanks, Shayne, for stopping by to offer support via warm homemade caramel rolls.)

Cell phones went on vibrate mode. We talked about our projects and biggest barriers. Then we dove into our work. (I also took a nap, which seems to be part of my creative process.)

There’s something about working side by side with other writers. Creative energy? The writer’s dream, shared and reinforced? Respect for the craft?

For me, the day was fuel. I came home with a full tank of creativity. Snippets of dialogue. A clear picture of a secondary character. New plot points. Before bed, I jotted notes on paper and counted the hours I had to sleep for proper parenting. At least seven. Damn. Seven hours away from  story.

Today my fingers are dancing on the laptop. This post is a short break.

More tomorrow on discoveries from the long-locked writing chest.

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