The lonely bookshelf

Empty swings ... a metaphor for kids growing up. How sad is that?

Empty swings … a metaphor for kids growing up. How sad is that?

My kid goes back to school today.

We had a book-filled summer, and that’s what I’ll miss the most. Among those moments:

Swapping middle-grade books.

You’ll like this one, Mom, because the mom’s a writer.

You’ll like this one, hon, because there’s a lot of math in it.

Discussing history through books and watching her grasp issues. Her perspective is fading – slowly –  from black and white to gray.

Mom! Why didn’t African Americans just leave the south and move here where there’s no segregation and racism?

Getting cozy in my bed and reading different books, stopping each other to quote favorite lines. (Trust me, she has too many favorites to record here. They’re all from Lemony Snicket.)

Guessing the plot.

Mom, is Marley going to kill someone?

Honey, main characters in kid-lit rarely commit murder.

Why not?

Busting her as she sneaks extra reading time at night.

Calling up the stairs to her bedroom: Sam, are you still reading?


Then why can I see light from underneath your door?

Click. Light disappears. What light?

Or …

A total Mom lie: Sam, if you’re not reading, why can I hear pages turning?

Silence. You can’t hear that.

Nope, I can’t hear that.

And hopefully my neighbors can’t hear me cry today. Total blog mush. Sorry about that.

Tomorrow I return with something dark. Meth or war or Amazon sucking the life out of indie bookstores. I promise.

1 thought on “The lonely bookshelf

  1. Cleo

    BOOKs.. a summer of books. Oh how I can relate! Grant has read all the Warrior Cat series, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Star Trek Series, The Hardy Boys series, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and on and on and on. Plus LOTS of non-fiction books about natural disasters — tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanos… and books about insects and wildlife, etc… It’s non-stop reading. So I can relate. Grant, Time to go to bed… Not now. I have to finish this chapter. Grant, Let’s go out for a bike ride… Not now. I have to finish this book. For the love of books!! So happy to have a reader!


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