Here and there


Two appearances I want to tell you about:

I’m going to be at the Spring Valley Library Book Club on May 2. We’re reading The Graham Cracker Plot. If you want to participate, contact the Spring Valley (Wisconsin) library at 715-778-4590.

I’m part of the Author Brunch at the annual St. Peter Reads event in St. Peter, Minn. There will be a group of about a dozen authors circulating among the brunch tables, including Rachael Hanel, Allen Eskens, Geoff Herbach, Jan Holte, Roger McKnight, Charlie Quimby, Dale Redlin, Jim Rogers, Curt Stolee, Sarah Stonich, and Laurie Wetzel. The event features author Michael Perry, who’s one of the funniest writers I’ve ever read. St. Peter Reads is Saturday, May 16. Learn more at the event’s Facebook page.

Happy read and happy spring!

2 thoughts on “Here and there

  1. Justina

    Dear Shelley,
    I am an adult, that grew up seeing “Little house in the prairie. I got hooked by the title of your last story “L I is ruining my life”. I was really enjoying it until you put a Latin last name on Rose. So far, Rose did not have a last name (did not need one). It is a “coincidence” that both the thief and the “wrong doing” girl (the two ilegal issues in your book) are done by people of Latin origin? The girl with “Lake” last name is accused of what her half Latin/half sister did, and her very positive “angel” sis, let it happens? (Pretty unbelievable, by the way)
    In this Trump era of hate, are you making a statement with your book? This country does not need any more hate, neither to have Children book writers become politicized. It s sad, really sad.

    1. Shelley Tougas Post author

      Thank you for your comment. Lake is their last name after Caroline Celeste Lake Quiner Ingalls. The family is originally from Florida, where Charlotte’s mom briefly married a man of Cuban descent. Hence the half-sister Rose Mendoza. She is deliberately a half sibling, and of a different origin, as a device to make her feel “extra” separated and different from her siblings, who are deliberately twins. It’s what drives her motivation. The Ramos family members are the heroes of the book – they’re the people who make WG home for Charlotte. Julia is Charlotte’s first real friend in years – and the person who finally makes her look for good in other people. (And Julia’s alcoholic father’s last name is Swanson. Not a Latin name.) If you didn’t see that, I don’t believe you read it carefully, or you decided to close your mind once you hit the word “Mendoza.” That’s a very hateful reading, and we certainly don’t need more hate in this country. It doesn’t matter to me whether you think plot developments are believable or not – this books isn’t for adults. It’s for children. BTW, I despise Trump.


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