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Reality check, Ms. Rowling



Author JK Rowling has confessed a deep secret. It’s rough for Ron fans, so hang tight. The secret: Ron and Hermione’s love story was a mistake. Hermione and Harry should have been together.

To that, JK, we say DUH.

We all had a Hermione in our high school. And she never ended up with our Ron. Her eyes never looked at Ron; they only rolled at his eternal goofiness. Hermione didn’t have time for Ron.

Our Ron would’ve dogged Hermione until he realized she was not kidding about this school stuff. Then he would’ve reunited with Lavender Brown, who’d secretly write “Lavender Weasley” on the inside of her notebook.

Eventually, our Hermione would suspect Harry wasn’t just lucky, but brilliant. She would’ve been amused, then threatened, then unable to resist the attraction. Off to prom they’d go.

In our high school, Harry wouldn’t have remembered Ginny’s name, even after he’d rescued her from Voldemort. (“Who was that girl? The one who talked to diaries?” “That was my sister, Harry. Ginny. My sister.”) Ginny is dull and vapid. She’s ordinary, like Ron, but without humor or mischief.

So Harry and Hermione it is. And it will always be.


Page-turning news

We’ve got literary fireworks in my writing home of south central Minnesota. I’m thrilled to share some of that news:

Nicole Helget’s novel Stillwater just landed on the shelves. It’s already getting stellar reviews and national media coverage. (Late notice, but she’ll be featured today on Kerri Miller’s show on Minnesota Public Radio. It’s at 11 a.m. and streamable.)

Kirstin Cronn-Mills, my critique partner, won the 2014 Stonewall Award for Children’s and Young Adult Literature for Beautiful Music for Ugly Children. The Stonewall is released in the same sentence as the Newbery, so yes, it’s a helluva deal.

My other critique partner, Rachael Hanel, is nominated for a Minnesota Book Award for her memoir We’ll Be the Last Ones to Let You Down.

And another Minnesota Book Award nominee: Tom Maltman for his novel Little Wolves.

There you have it: book titles for your spring reading.