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Nov. 11, River Falls: Laura, Laura’s cookies and me

Join me Saturday, November 11 at the River Falls Library at 11 a.m. for my presentation “Everything Laura Left Out of Her Novels.” I’ll be there with my new book Laura Ingalls is Ruining My Life.

A few days ago I started researching original recipes from Laura Ingalls. I want to bring something special to the event, and I knew there had to be a Laura cookbook out there.

There is, but it’s out of print. Thankfully some Laura fans posted a few recipes online. I found out how to make the maple snow candy from Little House in the Big Woods and her famous gingerbread cake. I even saw a link to jack rabbit stew.

No worries – I settled on molasses cookies. Not my favorite, but they didn’t have chocolate chips on the prairie.

Hope to see you there!