Tweets from twits … and smart people

Resuming the Twitter conversation …

I’m still trying to understand Twitter, especially as it relates to the publication of my novel. Does tweeting bump sales? Build relationships? Help me develop a reputation as an expert? If so, an expert in what? Tweeting? Maybe a fantastic tweet strategy gets unknown twits on the well-paying speaking circuit. And on that circuit, I’d talk about … how tweeting got me on the speaking circuit?

I was at Chapter2Books in Hudson, Wisc., a few weeks ago. It’s a fantastic, funky bookstore. I bought The Twits: Real Celebrities. Real Tweets. Real Funny.

There’s some laugh-out-loud tweets in the book. Stephen Colbert and Steve Martin and even Roger Ebert. Most of the reprinted tweets, however, remind me of being dragged to a party by a friend – the only person at the party  you actually know – and, it turns out, you’re the only sober person in the room. Paris Hilton criticizes your outfit. Tyra Banks and Courtney Love get in a shoving match. Then Charlie Sheen jumps on the marble coffee table, proclaims himself a Ninja Warrior and identifies you as his Warrior Chick. Eww.

The book is part guilty pleasure. The other part is eavesdropping on famous people swapping inside jokes. That’s why they tweet, right? To make us regular folks feel like we have celebrity pals. To bump sales, build relationships, and develop reputations as experts on … tweeting?

Check out some of the book’s reprinted tweets:

  • Sometimes I get emotional over fonts. Kayne West
  • I’ve decided I want to get to know Cher on a first name basis. Steve Martin
  • I’m gonna pee my pants. Ke$ha
  • OMG tanning for the first time in 2 months!!! This is going to be exuberating! (Hope I used that right lmao). Snooki

There you have it –more on the mysterious microblog known as Twitter. I hope it was exuberating!!!

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