Making my list, checking it twice

Time flies, just like reindeer. My annual list of gifts for writers should’ve been posted weeks ago, which would have given you time to find them and ship them to me before Christmas. That’s the price of procrastination.

But there’s always expedited shipping!

Here is my carefully curated list:

1. Earrings that include the two words every writer loves to type:  The End.



2. A keyboard doormat. The keys aren’t in the right place, but the WELCOME is worth the inaccuracy.



3. A perfect over-the-mantel print.



4. Make your technology look old-school in this faux book cover.



5. This is for lovers of books and Michonne. If you’re not a Walking Dead fan, then disregard and skip to number six.



6. A collection of pens for every type of writer — the one who actually gets crap done and the rest of us.








7. Because who doesn’t love a book pun?



8. And who doesn’t love writer arrogance?



9. Writers are poor. Help your writer friend keep the furnace at 55 degrees with these convenient wrist gloves.



10. Because writing is hell.



11. A week-long writing retreat in January–I’d settle for Hawaii–would kick the winter blahs.  There’s slight possibility it’d be productive, too.




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